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Microsoft Launched Edge several years ago, Microsoft launched a web browser that received critical acclaim for everyone. Edge is not a major improvement in Internet Explorer, it is a new beginning of Microsoft Chrome, Firefox, and other browsers, because in the last few years the market share of Internet Explorer has been absorbed. It improves the edge that it is time to release. There was a time when Chrome started to criticize its problem of memory and battery accumulation, and Firefox is not working much better, so it gives a lot of Microsoft room for the competition

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Although Edge cannot be the best browser on the market right now, it is at least one step in the right direction. In its present form, it does not support extensions, except that users use a lot in Chrome, in addition, while working well on certain parameters, refineries may be in future upgrades. Also, do not load as much as you want and we can probably allow Microsoft to remove the iron for some time.
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Although Edge eventually becomes the best browser on the planet, to get the traction, you should go to the cross-platform. Days passed when browsers were very different on two different machines operated by a single user. 

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Synchronizing your device, favorites and passwords on more than one device has become a new standard, while Edge will allow it in its future versions, where it will coordinate all PCs, tablets and mobile devices, they are still using the Microsoft ecosystem Will remain limited to It is not a big problem that more than one billion people using Android were not their main drivers. Considering that Microsoft has failed a lot in Mobile, Android, and iOS, Edge should encourage users to use the browser on their PC.
 Using Android, I am very comfortable to synchronize with my PC and my phone for my history, search preferences and passwords and there are enough reasons to stay away from age on my PC alone.
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In the past as Microsoft application, Skype and Office are seeing the enthusiasm of bringing Android and iOS, we can finally see Edge on Android and iOS. Until then, we suspect that it is really good, even if it can reach its full potential.


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