What is Human Microchipping ?and RFID ,the Mark of The Beast

Human microchipping? what is that

NBC is one of the many people who has recently predicted that as soon as we label all American citizens with embedded microchips under his skin in 2017, the use of technology to respond effectively to this question Will start as, "I'm the only one I'm saying?"

Identity, information credit card, bus pass, card: RFID Microchips, which is already inexpensive and available, focuses on identifying the holder for providing a digital interface in the real world embedded below the skin with a process of library and your Instead of moving several other sources of information currently stored on your RFID chip under your wallet in your wallet under the skin.
 Can protect
As a complete revelation, I am excited for the future of Microchip. However, I have tried my best to outline the advantages and disadvantages (both short and long-term) given below.

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Realistic (short-term) benefits:

• Identity is our passport Microchips, and scanning the airport, rail and bus stations, their hand scanned their passports, this is the change of the minimum infrastructure. The same is true for your driving license and identity: all the police need a scanner chip and can completely eliminate your portfolio (assuming you have already changed your credit/debit NFC, son

• Membership was the first club to provide microchipping to Baja Beach Club VIP customers. Benefits include membership tasks (easy to carry around a card key), easily accessed, and ATM components helps you keep track and food and drop tabs, can be handled in the workplace Also where and when it can happen - remove your own fibers and keys Library, gym, hotel and restaurant reservations, management of reward cards, and other parts give you access

• There is no confusion in the body, Unfortunately, about 28,000 children are in a hospital every year, eventually leaving them with the wrong parents. At the other end of the spectrum, bodies sometimes meet in the funeral homes, a chip implanted on birth for some strange situations is not able to identify completely less capable individuals.

• Children and great security It is not uncommon that the elders should "escape" from the rest of the house. Every day more than 2,000 children are kidnapped in the United States (800,000 children kidnapping per year) 1.6 to 2.8 million youth run away from their homes every year. Being able to track someone (whoever you do this, definitely gives!) This is the means of peace of mind for millions of people who care about parents and countrywide at any time .
• Child abduction will stop the Brazilian millionaires and hijackers from launching their children, and in the case of a kidnapping, the first 3-4 hours of other countries will be the most important, what is the reason, while about 74 % A kidnapped was killed on a border A Future Foundation study shows that 75% British parents will buy a tool that tracks the location of their children.

• Health metadata is a simple scan of what allergic funds you need to pay attention to about your doctor, who can antibiotics in the past, now with what medicines, and other information - even if you are unconscious alone

• Of course, prevention of theft, using a RFID chip in the palm of your hand, is not very different from using RFID in plastic cards in your wallet to borrow borrowed books or open doors. Although there is at least one notable difference: you can lose your wallet or steal easily. It is very difficult when the pocket of the front or behind the pocket secretly scans the card in your hands or arms instead of stealing, to parts of your body is also very difficult for criminals.

• Criminal administration prisons are not safe places; Not everyone knows only not only Microchip criminals make the prison break obsolete, but also improve the collection of "inside" information. Who started the battle tomorrow in the shower? Just rewind and check bacterial holes

• Law enforcement and weapon control Browning and Smith & Weson have adopted a system of transplantation firearms, for which it is necessary to have guns near their own fire. Your armory is stolen from the weapon of your house or an officer is a fight, anyone is fighting with their own hands but the registered owner can dismiss them. It also means that your child can not accidentally kill a pistol on his bedside table, it also means that in the "lost weapon" scenes

• You can not abuse additional speed, an extra movie etc. Contextualized benefits always come in the cost of the broadcast, enhanced relevant data: To serve you better, they need to use the service for you to know more about. A simple on the GPS Sometimes you also get the sense of finding out that when you are fast growing, for example

• Access control businesses also get the facility of scanning their identity chip naturally and also facilitates them within your establishment.

• Data Leak Any new technology is always full of insects and exploitation, by putting so much information and dependent on a chip, it makes primary target for hackers and other non-good people if the information is writeable (besides being readable), There is also the potential for data spoofing or corruption.

• Replacement hardware There is no doubt that this technique will improve over time, adding more features. It is possible that these new features require new hardware and are not the easiest way to physically replace the previous hardware.

• No universal standard; Unfortunately due to the wide variety of digital ID systems in place, no card handles them all. You know, to apply a RFID chip to the metro for a credit card for your library card, One will need, and so on (or at least one rewritable storage chip and applied at the same time).

• Physical migration if implanted chips are not taken care of, they are able to move to the body. This could be a problem if the chips were ubiquitous (as it can only be found), but by then it is entirely possible that it does completely, so cannot be ignored in the usual place ( Medical emergency, for example).

• Medical treatment FDA has said that many human microchips risk adverse reactions of tissues, electrical hazards and - most likely - "inconsistency" with the medical team of the strong magnet as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). You can not take anything on MRI; This includes pacemakers, aneurysms, dental implants, hip replacement / knee (unless they are non-magnetic titanium) and integrated microchips.

source: google image search

Utopian claims:

• Digital world increases. Bring a Digital Identity to the Real World Implications Apparently the "magical" rooms that automatically run when you go, start your favorite radio station cars whenever you think to adjust your thermostat to your liking, TV any when you They were going to continue to sit in front of them, the stores that use the drone to distribute the contents of your car, which buy And is in need, and so on.

• Perfect 2-Factor Authentication The cost of security for optimal protection is to use something you know (password) with something you have (often your phone, now) Your phone has many drawbacks (can be stolen, lost, dead, hacked, deleted, etc.) with an exact solution that can increase the password to increase security without the inconvenience of current 2FA solution Are resolved.
Dystopian says:
• Revolutionary shelling arms are matched with their bosses chips, revolutionary heroes can now enter their arsenal of their tyrannical to convert their mortal ability against them.
• Carrying capacity and availability are required by placing so much importance on the device which is looking for it, if available for them, to keep a close tab on its availability and affordability. If the non-choosing benefits are effectively harmed, then the interval between the classes can be widened.
• In a digital copy, one is completely controlled by the chips inside your skin, the world is possible hackers and scans the evil doers and replicates the data from their records on their own, effectively expressing their physical presence (which is evident from the digital credibility theft Can differ from the form).
• Big Brother Every Hollywood movie has taught us that the implanted Microchip Big Brother is mainly for the government and corporations to follow our stops. This is a real concern that should be handled with privacy control and good security practices from the beginning.
• Independence from a chip in a world where buying hands with a chip in hand, it seems that it is not difficult for some people to use a card in their wallet instead. However, it is a world in which a "Microchip" idea of sending their use, originally demanded that everyone receives a microchip or the hour is not hard to die


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